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Name: Danny Lux
Contact Info: Brice Gaeta
Current Shows:Boston Legal
                Grey’s Anatomy
                My Name is Earl
Latest Movies:My Fake Fiance
                Sorority Wars


Thanks for visiting my website.  It has been long over due that I post some sort of basic information about myself and my projects.  I will do my best to keep the information current.

I have been composing for TV/Film since 1988 after landing a job working for Mike Post.  After 9 years working and learning side by side with him I left to  start a career of my own.  I have been fortunate to have many successful series.  I have 2 Emmy nominations and get to work with many talented film makers.  Please check the “IMDB” link for a more comprehensive list of credits.

Thanks for stopping by.

-Danny Lux


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